Extreme Cape

The Western Cape Province, which is located at the southwest corner of South Africa, was once part of Cape Province. It was also once called the Cape Colony before the Union of South Africa was formed in 1910. One of the attractions of this province is adventure and sports recreational activities. Many South Africans have gone beyond calling their sport recreational; they have become competitive and sponsored events to enjoy more thrilling times with their chosen extreme sport.

The Western Cape Province is ideal for extreme sports because it is topographically extreme. It has the Cape Fold Belt which is Sandstone Mountains with heights reaching 2,300 meters high; valleys with clay soil, the Karoo Basin which is hilly and dry; and the coastal and mountainous areas that are either sandy and deep or sharp and rocky, respectively.

The climate is also very pleasant with relatively infrequent storms, which means that you don’t have to worry too about choosing specific months only to enjoy your sport (although summer is generally preferred). If you are perhaps interested in relocating to the region, check out the bargains at Private Property’s repossessed property page.

Cape Town Extreme Sports

Cape Town is the capital of the province and it offers the most diverse options for extreme sports. If you are short on time or funds, then stick to Cape Town where you get multiple choices without having to travel far, so pack your trailer and head for the mother city.


Kloofing is a local word for canyoning which entails following a mountain stream from the top of the mountain down to the bottom end of the stream. You can swim, float, jump, or wade to do it. In terms of extreme sport, it is relaxing but dangerous because of sharp rocks, a strong current at times, and narrow passages. You could end up in a gorge and navigate your way down or deep into the mountains where there are no amenities.

Aerial Safaris

Another extreme sport is taking a flight to go on an aerial safari. The risks are in the low altitude flying in an open cockpit plane. There are some facts about microflying that you must know and understand before getting on the plane:

  • First, these types of planes are not commercial and therefore do not have commercial licenses nor fall under the requirements of commercial flights.
  • Second, you have to make sure that the pilot has a MPL license (a microlight pilot license).

Finally, facilities that offer this type of recreation must have training available and offer membership as a club.

Car Racing in Cape Town

Yes, there are a number of groups engaging in illegal drag racing in Cape Town but this is extremely dangerous and not recommended for anyone. Instead, Cape Town offers different types of car racing like slot cars, single-seater car races, and stock car racing in excellent racetracks around the city. Not a place where you’ll need your bluetooth car kit, the Killerney Racetrack often has some event underway for those looking for high speed fun. There are also companies that offer you a chance to enjoy an 8 to 10 lap race in the racetrack complete with racing gear and even a photographer. All you have to do is bring an extra set of clothing and a jacket if the weather’s chilly. The organizer will provide food, drinks, including alcoholic drinks, if you want to turn your racing day into a party.

Things got eXtreme in Cape Town this summer

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